Ninfa Yachts

Ninfa Yachts is the brand under which we commercialize some sailing boats of our own design, built with our supervision in a boatyard in Turkey.

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Here we limit ourselves to summarize the "philosophy" that inspired this initiative.


Ninfa Yachts is aimed at an audience of connoisseurs and enthusiasts, who in addition to loving the sea and sailing, also appreciate the aesthetic and cultural aspects of a boat.

With the charm of timeless and classic designs, paired with the quality of craftsmanship and the attention to the detail, our boats are for sailors who are not looking to simply navigate, but also desire to navigate beautifully.

Our boats fall into the category of "modern classics".

They are modern boats whose design incorporates all the latest developments in knowledge and technology available, but with a classic appearance and aesthetic. Elegance is essential, as well as the quality of construction and finishing.

Italian design is synonymous with taste and refinement. The hulls are built by a boatyard in Istanbul which has a long tradition in wood boat building and a proven expertise in the use of modern techniques and materials. Sails, equipment and fittings come from the best internationally known brands. Our boats, despite this attention to the aesthetic aspects, are not made just to be admired, but are intended for those who truly love sailing. Our daysailers are capable of exciting performances and very amusing to be sailed. Our cruising boats are also livable boats, pleasant to be sailed, and moreover they offer the safety and seaworthiness of true "blue water yachts".


The construction technique is strip planking, the most widely used among modern wood construction techniques. It combines the charm of the wooden construction with the use of modern materials such as epoxy resins. This system enhances the wood's natural physical attributes, aesthetic, and extraordinary mechanical properties.

The interior has retained all the charm and warmth of the classic wooden boats, but without all of their disadvantages. The strength, stiffness, and durability are superior to those of a fiberglass boat and maintenance also is reduced and simple.

The experience of the designer and of the builder is reflected in the care of every detail. Our boats are made on demand and the construction system makes it possible to customize each boat according to owner's requirements.