Demco Design

We are pleased to report a new initiative that our company has started and that will be officially unveiled Tuesday, April 8 in the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2014 at the Fabbrica del Vapore . It is a line of wooden furniture, marketed under the brand Demco Design.

The furnishings are built in Senegal on our design and with the supervision of Italian technicians.

Our company, BCA- Demco ( ) , has been active for over twenty years in the field of yacht design and is well known especially in the sector wooden boat building. Only recently we have entered the field of furniture design thanks to the collaboration with a Senegalese sister company which operates in the country since 2001. In cooperation with them we have realized various wooden boats for the local market and, thanks to this activity , we got to have a skilled wood-working personnel and a well-equipped laboratory. Since 2013 we have started to manufacture also furniture for the local and for the overseas market. For the latter, we were inspired as designers mainly by traditional African folk art . In some way we have also been influenced by our nautical vocation: in the furnishings of the “Pirogue series " we combined modern wooden boat building techniques with the use of colourful and picturesque planks taken from traditional Senegalese pirogues . In other furniture series we use African fabrics which are made on our account by a fashion and dressmaking school founded in Senegal by the Italo -Senegalese Association Sunugal . Our furniture is therefore the output of a mix of modern design, advanced building techniques, ethnic inspiration and traditional craftsmanship. We also produce with our Senegalese company classic garden furniture in iroko . For more information about our furniture please visit

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