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Dedicated to all those who delight in squandering a good part of their time (and a part, possibly smaller, of their assets) playing with boats, building them, designing them, studying them, or even just dreaming of them, and, possibly, from time to time, even sailing on them.

Who we are and what we do


Our company, founded in 1990, has become, since the first years of its activity, the major point of reference in Italy for the world of amateur boat builders. In particular, we propose to them a catalog of plans which, by the number and the variety of boats included, may satisfy the desires of every boat builder. If browsing through our catalog you cannot find the boat of your dreams you may contact us for a customized project: we will do our best to satisfy your needs, working closely with you. To the passionate of DIY we offer the opportunity to purchase from us some of the basic materials and, upon request, we also organize boat building and yacht design courses. We may claim a long experience in this field, as we have held for many years regular courses that have always met the favor of those who have attended.


Recently we have extended our activity in other fields of the yacht design, starting to collaborate with professional boat builders or with private clients in one-off projects, either in wood or in composite materials.


We have in our catalog books and publications on nautical subjects, most of them published by us or written with our collaboration. We propose technical manuals, historical books on traditional boats and essays on the culture of the sea. We like to consider boats non only as functional objects, but to see at them also from the cultural, aesthetic, anthropological and even spiritual point of view: of this multidisciplinary approach you will find a confirmation also looking around in the archive our articles where you will find, next to technical considerations, also reflections and general comments on the nautical world.


Finally we report two new activities that are still in the start-up phase and that we are very interested in developing in a near future.

The first concerns our cooperation projects in the nautical sector in developing countries: in Senegal we started building some boats in 2008 and today we have an well-established and diversified activity, in Bolivia we have been involved in an humanitarian project and our presence is more occasional, but equally rewarding.

The second refers to Ninfa Yachts, which is the brand name under which we propose and commercialize on the international market a series of boats, designed by us and built in Turkey under our supervision. The boats belong to the category of "modern classics", as we have tried to combine the elegance of a classical design to the efficiency of a modern technology and an advanced design. On both the mentioned activities you may find some news in our site and a full information in their specific web sites: www.voile-senegal.com and www.ninfayachts.com


You may find more news on our activities in the News page, where you can also browse through the full collection (at the moment just in Italian) of our newsletters. Among the activities of other associations that we follow with particular sympathy we mention two sailing classes: the Diecipiedi Class (which means Ten footer, 10’) and the Micro Class: for the first one we are very pleased to see her alive and active after more than twenty years since when ourselves have created it as a class specifically thought for amateur boat builders. We are equally pleased to see that the Micro Class, for whose revival in Italy we have worked in the past (for truth without much success), has now a new Class Association in Italy, which is organizing events and races. Before you go to the links page, where you risk being distracted and lost among the many sites of our friends, colleagues, customers and supporters, we kindly invite you to visit the orders page, where you may see how to do some shopping online in our site. Obviously it is not an obligation: it's just a way of making us even more satisfied of your visit that, in any case, has been a pleasure for us.

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