La mia barca ideale
Written by Paolo Lodigiani,
from “L’Approdo”, Year 2, N.2 – second semester 1996

Barche pane e barche brioches
Written by Paolo Lodigiani
from “L’Approdo”, Year 3, N.1 – first semester 1997

Allo 0,003 % degli italiani
Written by Paolo Lodigiani,
from “L’Approdo”, Year 4, N.1 – second semester 1998

Cose grandi e profonde
Written by Paolo Lodigiani
from “L’Approdo”, Year 8, N.1 – first semester 2002

Autocostruzione un sogno fai da te. Una barca fatta in casa.
from "SoloVela"
July 2007

Helping hands across the sea to Senegal
Article in English on the BCA Demco's activities in developing countries
                                 from "Yachting World"
June 2012

Les catas du Titicaca
Article in French on the Titicat sailing experience in Bolivia (Design BCA Demco)
from "Bateaux"
October 2013

A nautical experience in Senegal
Article in English/Italian on the training activity of BCA Demco in Senegal
From "Ottagono"
October 2013

DAFNE 24’, un daysailer in legno dall'anima classica
Italian article on Dafne 24' - Ninfa Yachts - Boat test
From "Barche d'epoca e classiche"
April 2014

Three contemporary Runabouts, Results of Design Challenge IV
Article on the results of the Design Challenge IV - One of our designs, Capriccio is been chosen as runnerup
From "Woodenboat"
N.238 May/June 2014